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OEM ODM Opel Antara LED Daytime Running Lamp Bulbs , 6W LED DRL headlights

Lighting & Electrical
OEM ODM Opel Antara LED Daytime Running Lamp Bulbs , 6W LED DRL headlights


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Lighting & Electrical  -  LED Light

Offer Post Time: 2015-07-29

Serial Code:

Model: MCL029


Carriage: Zhejiang


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 USD



LED Daytime Running Lights For  Opel Antara 2008 - 2015, OEM ODM Daytime Running Lights



Quote:Availability of DRLs in Australia

  Immediate DRL (either headlights or dedicated DRL) are not available as standard equipment on any vehicle models sold in Australia. However, several vehicle manufacturers offer immediate headlights as a dealer-fitted option.


  Retrofit kits for immediate headlights are available, but are not common. The ease of fitting the systems varies considerably between vehicle models, and some vehicles with new electronic wiring systems are unsuitable for any modification that is not provided by the vehicle manufacturer.


  In short, the technology available in Australia is not quite ready for the optimum implementation of dedicated DRLs that automatically switch over to the headlights when light levels fall. 





Color Temperature




Rated Operating Current


Current stability

±20mA(within 24 hours)



Light Color

Warn White


50000 hours

Rated Input Voltage

Battery and ACC

Rated Input Current

< 1.2A (Depends on different models) 

Rated Total Power

<10W (Depends on different models)